An Everyday Miracle: Delivering Babies, Caring for Women – A Lifetimes Work

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Prof Abdool Samad Shaik, a highly experienced foetal surgeon who has performed a number of groundbreaking, minimally invasive in-utero operations on foetuses in recent years at the Netcare Parklands Hospital in Durban, was also consulted. It was a highly complex procedure and no easy task. Dr Dippenaar says that sacrococcygeal teratomas occur in a few different sub-types and are more common in girls than boys.

It has been suggested that this condition is prevalent in some 1 per 27 live births.

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Netcare Blaauwberg hospital manager, Dirk Truter, says that it is comforting to know that the facility, and indeed the country, can call upon such an outstanding team of neonatal experts to treat complex and unusual cases. Click here to see a video on baby Evan. A new platelet-rich plasma PRP procedure performed for ovarian rejuvenation in the case of premature ovarian failure in a year-old Durban woman, who has been unable to conceive for more than 13 years, has resulted in the first known successful pregnancy of its kind in South Africa.

An Everyday Miracle

We were determined to have our own baby, however, and having heard many good reports about what Dr Naidu and the Durban Fertility Clinic were achieving, we decided to make an appointment to consult with him. Mrs Raghubir says that, unlike all of the other gynaecologists she had visited previously, Dr Naidu did not try to discourage her and her husband from trying to have their own baby.

As he said it is a relatively easy and safe procedure to perform, we felt we had nothing to lose and decided to go for it. I could scarcely believe that I was finally pregnant; that must count as one of the happiest days of my life. Mrs Raghubir was diagnosed with POF of undetermined cause five years ago and her only real hope of falling pregnant was considered to be through an egg donation. Dr Naidu points out that platelet-rich plasma has been used in many areas of medicine to rejuvenate tissue and was introduced in reproductive medicine towards the latter part of We used it to release these growth factors into the tissue, which then stimulated the stem cells in the ovaries to generate new eggs.

Note that the centre operates Mondays to Fridays from to A mother was able to save her baby from choking, thanks to first aid training instruction she received at an Alberton hospital prior to her baby being discharged home. To my huge relief this helped in clearing his airway and restoring his breathing. His mother, Bianca Franco, says that the first aid instruction she received at the hospital enabled her to save Mason after he choked.

Franco believes that was it not for the first aid and CPR training she received at the hospital, her baby would not be alive today. This is known as aspiration pneumonia, and Mason consequently had to spend a further four weeks in hospital recovering before he was discharged home recently. According to Sr Glaus, who was speaking on World Prematurity Day on 17 November, highly premature infants are highly vulnerable as they are usually born with underdeveloped lungs and other organs, and can face a number of health challenges for the first two years of their lives.

Long-term care at a specialised NICU such as that at Netcare Clinton Hospital after birth, however, considerably improves their chances of survival. During that time, the team formed a close bond with this little fighter and his parents. It was therefore of concern to us that he suffered this setback and had to spend further time in our care. Highly experienced and certified instructor, Vanessa Beytell, provides the first aid course at Netcare Clinton Hospital, which covers CPR and other emergency first aid care such as what to do in the event of choking.

She says that first aid and CPR for infants differs significantly from that for adults, and is constantly being developed and advanced. Emergency medical services provider Netcare recommends the following steps be followed if a baby under the age of one year chokes or suffers from seriously impeded breathing:. For more information on this media release, contact MNA at the contact details listed below.

Born at just 25 weeks and weighing only grams, micro-premature baby Jazeel Hlophe is defying the odds as she grows stronger each day, so much so that she is expected to be discharged from Netcare Clinton Hospital soon after World Prematurity Day, commemorated on 17 November this year.

However, when you see how well Jazeel is doing, it is most encouraging. She has been in hospital for nearly days and has gained a lot of weight and strength in that time. Jazeel now weighs just over 2. According to Dr Mnisi, there are no studies about babies who are born as prematurely as baby Jazeel. The fact that she is a little girl gave her a better chance of survival, however, because female micro-prem babies generally tend to do better than male micro-prems.

An Everyday Miracle: Delivering Babies, Caring for Women - A Lifetim…

It is highly nutritious and perfectly suits the needs of new-born babies, as well as being a rich source of natural antibodies to provide protection against disease causing bacteria and viruses. Speaking ahead of World Prematurity Day on Friday, Dr Mnisi says that the prospects for micropremature babies have improved significantly in recent years. Baby Jazeel has made such remarkable progress that the nurses caring for her nicknamed her 'Wonder Woman' and made her a special miniature 'Wonder Woman' super heroine cape.

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  6. Baby Jazeel Hlophe was born extremely prematurely at a gestational age of only 25 weeks and weighing only grams. She was seven days old when this photo was taken. Having spent close on days in Netcare Clinton Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit under the care of neonatologist, Dr Klaas Mnisi, baby Jazeel now weighs 2.

    The benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies are well established but many people underestimate the anxiety breastfeeding can cause some women. The rewards that come with breastfeeding are manifold for mother and baby alike. Without doubt, breastfeeding offers any child the best start in life.

    An Everyday Miracle: Delivering Babies, Caring for Women - A Lifetime's Work

    The long-term benefits of breastfeeding are also noteworthy. According to the World Health Organization WHO , studies have shown that people who were breastfed as infants are likely to have better health throughout their lives, with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as lower rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The WHO advocates babies being exclusively breastfed for the first six months, as numerous studies have shown that feeding babies on breastmilk only for at least the first half-year of their life, protects them against a host of non-communicable diseases.

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    Aside from the countless physical benefits of breastfeeding, it is also an emotionally enriching experience. Some mothers find adjusting to their new role difficult during the first few days or even weeks after delivery and say that the mother-child bonding that takes place during breastfeeding served as a vital part of the adjustment process. Mothers have to learn how to breastfeed as it can be difficult. Most women experience nipple pain which can be avoided and many fear that they will not be able to sustain an adequate milk supply. She says that the correct infrastructure and support is vital for mothers learning how to breastfeed, and that a healthcare professional can show a mother how to latch her child properly to ensure that the infant is getting enough milk without the mother enduring nipple pain.

    The most common reasons for inadequate breast milk supply include infrequent feedings because of nipple pain, lethargy or poor latching, oestrogen-containing birth control pills, an illness, a hormonal disorder and earlier breast surgery. While most mothers are able to spend an adequate amount of time breastfeeding within the first few days after delivery, many find it very difficult in the following weeks and months, also to maintain their supply of breastmilk, especially when they return to work. Many women face financial pressures to return to work before the recommended six-month exclusive breastfeeding period comes to an end, and they may feel that it is difficult for them to continue breastfeeding.

    Others may struggle with cracked nipples or irregular milk flow. These problems can be trying but are far from insurmountable. Help is at hand to guide mothers through such challenges. The hospital has state-of-the-art maternity facilities, purpose-designed to provide a streamlined service in a tranquil environment. The unit also has a nursery, two first-stage delivery rooms, two delivery rooms and a dedicated caesarean theatre to ensure fast and effective emergency intervention if needed.

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    The nursery unit has a central telescopic pillar that has oxygen, suction and electrical points, giving the maternity staff easy access to the equipment in the unit. There is also an expressing corner for mothers and an intensive care crib which can accommodate the baby should emergency care be required. A five-bed neonatal ICU incorporating state-of-the-art medical technology is situated adjacent to the mother and child unit to enable world-class care for premature babies and other babies requiring specialised treatment.

    The King is dead and a year-old boy wearing Denim aftershave has just been appointed breadboy in the last Ormo Mini-Shop in the world, delivering bread to the residents of the Upper Shankill on Saturday mornings. December Bride.

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    Full Circle: All families have their secrets. Annie and Sean Devlin have been happily married for several years when a telegram arrives This news strikes fear into Irish Folk and Fairy Tales. The fairy tales Joey had won fourteen Joey had won fourteen by the time he was my age, but age is just a number as he proved when he won three TTs when he was forty-eight. Lough Erne. Lough Erne is one of Northern Ireland's greatest treasures.

    Home to a wealth of wildlife, Home to a wealth of wildlife, countless rare plants and an abundance of fascinating historic buildings, the lough is renowned for its beauty and draws thousands of visitors from home and Citty knew he wanted to be a physician as he watched his dad, well known and respected Family Practice Physician Jim Citty, M. Inspired by their father, Dr. Kris Citty met his lovely wife Jenny at Harding before the pair married his first year of medical school.

    Miracles Happen Every Day

    The couple lived in Kansas City during his residency before returning home to Searcy to live, work and raise a family. As we mature and work on raising our family correctly, the more we appreciate the values Searcy offers. Having people around our children whom we know and trust is a blessing.

    That is one of the many reasons why we love and are committed to Searcy. The PEP Club is a committee of the Foundation that is comprised of both WCMC associates and Auxiliary members who donate funds to the Foundation to provide the hospital with funding for renovations, state-of-the-art equipment and special projects to enhance patient care. Now, we are excited for the community to join us in these wonderful developments that will benefit mothers and babies, as well as their families, in our New Life Center.

    Donations to the Foundation provide WCMC with funding for renovations, state-of-the-art equipment and special projects to enhance patient care.

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