Rants, Raves, and Other Random Thoughts...

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  1. Musings, Rants, Raves and other Random Thoughts: Paying it Forward ~ In other wordsgiving back
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In the case of public schools doing random drug testing, there is no probable cause, it is illegal search and seizure, as your bodily fluids are still yours and it is tantamount to haveing to prove innocence against an assumption of guilt. If my high school student was using drugs I would want to know.

I would rathern my tax money be spent on drug testing rather than on years of incarceration.

Musings, Rants, Raves and other Random Thoughts: Paying it Forward ~ In other wordsgiving back

Drugs in schools is a serious problem and putting our head in the sand is not the answer. Parents need all the help they can get. Absolutely not.

The Business of Beauty

Does anybody out there know where I can get a Philly cheesesteak that comes close to the ones Pizza Man used to serve? I went to the post office and asked for a single stamp. I just want you all to know I ran two times today. First, I ran out of beer, then I ran out and got some more. My friend Dave saw an elevator repairman.

That makes me a cereal killer. This is true: I actually have a Best of Marcel Marceau album. I just saw William Starrett on TV. How can he go around dressed up like that, and if I do it I get arrested? This is a rant to the Colonial Life Arena. There are enough blazing lights at the abandoned nuke project to light up 50 football games. I just never knew Five Points needed defending from a drive-thru that many other businesses there already have.

Over 20mins of DrDisRespect rants and rage

OMG, the barbarians are at the drive-thru! How about a refund? Number one, turn down your thermostat. Number two, bend over. Number three, take it like a ratepayer.

Your cover story [Feb. How did you Photoshop out all the homeless bathing in said pond?

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The state of South Carolina needs to stop worrying about what the hell people are smoking in their house. If they are in their house and they pay taxes, they should be able to smoke marijuana. They are not hurting anyone or killing anyone. Forget draining the Washington swamp: Just try draining the Richland County cesspool. To the developers and contractors doing the hotel project on Gervais Street: Finish it already.

Messiest and longest construction site ever. The law school across the street was completed faster. This one goes out to all the businesses in Five Points: Dick Harpootlian before Harpootlian dicks you. A thousand dollars, my ass. Summerland, an amusement park. They could build a dozen hotels around it and make it a summertime theme park.

Steve, your fellow Mayors are coming here. You gonna show them Finlay Park or our breached canal? What are your priorities, Mr. What are the chances that Donald Trump would do the right thing and resign the presidency?

"Rants, Raves, and Other Random Thoughts..." - eBook

By no means am I defending the men who have lost their jobs due to sexual harassment. If Donald Trump is a testament against alcohol and drug abuse, would someone please hand me a beer and a joint. For all the Trump haters: Get over it, his team won. There may be a slight doubt as to whether Trump is a racist or not. Rant to all the Trump haters.

Most people back in the s and early s also thought Albert Einstein was a nut. Comprehend, verb, understand, grasp. Look it up. How do you make your way from am Monday to 5pm Friday without a climb, a walk, a deep spruce tip infused breath?

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I love your cities. I love the fast and the bright and plentiful, the rich and delicious. I love the available and the nearby and the best… but I long for dirt. I long for air and odour, unexpected fungus erupting from moist ground and moss. My too long week is eased, aided, tempered by yellow leaves and spongy ground. My therapy is a walk alone in the woods. Dear friends who live in cities, where do you go to breathe? How do you live without a berry patch?

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I can no longer leave a voice mail. I am not kidding you. If you have received a voice mail from me in the last two years it probably sounded something like this:. Hi comma this is Deborah period. If YOU have been the bewildered recipient of such a message please comma accept my apologies exclamation mark. Damn you Siri! I have figured out precisely how to tell Siri what to text on my behalf. Clearly, that advanced skill is not working in my favour when it comes to real life communication.

So as you can plainly see, I have a gift for languages… for learning and incorporating new languages into my life. If I forget to bring it and the opportunity presents itself? Do women do this more than men? Hold ourselves back from what makes us happy because of some crazy inner voice or fear or sense of propriety? Now it feels a bit urgent. On my own. Wanna go for a swim?