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Learn and grow in accurate knowledge by being lead by the spirit that inspired its writing,. Have faith that if you are sincere of heart, God will cause you to understand everything you need to know about how to please Him. Satan, the serpent, was the first creature to question whether or not God's words are to be taken at face value He put forth a question to Eve that opened the door to her second-guessing what she clearly had been told concerning God's commandment.

She was even able to recite it when questioned. But the devil was able to convince her that Almighty God needed an interpretor to explain hidden nuances in what He has said. That even though isounded an awful lot like she would die it she ate the forbidden fruit, she hadn't got the whole picture and so he appealed to her selfish desires and convinced her of something else.

Today many of his weeds try to confuse truth-seeker believers by telling them they can't ttake the Bible literally and that it doesn't really mean what it says. This opens the door to alternative reasonings that ignore what God has had written in Scripture.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Otherwise there is no reason not to take what is written most literally. The Watchtower Society teaches that the locust described in Revelation chapter 9, were their spiritual leaders in A. Revelation tells us that these locust were released by a "falling star" or a fallen angel. So, they are attributing their rescue from an "abyss of spiritual inactivity" in to a demon.

These locust were permitted to torment only those that did not have the "seal of the living God. Ebooks

If these locusts really pictured the anointed brothers of Christ, they would not have had to be instructed not to "harm" one another. Fooled by as John puts it, "what 'seemed' to be gold crowns on their heads, the Watchtower leaders have assumed that these locust must be righteous. They saw these as the kingly crowns to be yet granted to the elect. They have based interpretations of Revelation chapter 9 on what is written later in Revelation chapter That is a huge mistake.

100. Edna Mode

In Revelation 20, the circumstances have changed. Revelation refers to a later time when another angel is seen "coming down not falling down holding in his hand the key to the abyss". At this time, that authority will have been returned to the One that has the right.

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They teach that this latter angel is the same angel who has authority over the abyss in Chapter 9 Abaddon, "The Destroyer". That is an assumption. Revelation chapter 9 is about fallen angels, jurisdictions under their control, and demonic activities. It has nothing at all to do with righteous activities direct by Christ.

As noted in reading, Revelation chapter 9 foretells of the unleashing on humankind of 'locust' by a fallen angel called "the Destroyer".

The Sword of Truth

These demon spirits have been unleashed and they orchestrate anarchy by permitting people and groups of people to act out in anti-social, disruptive behaviors. Today the grossly mentally ill wander the streets of community behaving in both bizarre and socially disruptive manners. Yet it is tolerated. Criminals dangerous to society at large are released from prison unreformed back into communities. Plagued severely as the Revelation to John foretold, yet they refuse to repent and turn away from worshipping demons.

It is obvious to most reasoning people that to allow these things is causing social disruption and dysfunction Their intent is to destroy the social fabric of humanity as Satan's goal is to disrupt and destroy the fabric of creation. What is happening is not the result of coincidence or accident. It is the result of a plan foretold about in Revelation chapter 9.

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These demons have opened the door to open incorporation into mainstream society. Now even public buildings are adorned with images of the occult. All the while, they have suppressed pure worship of the true God. Satan, the devil, is the father of the lie and of liars.

The Sword of Truth

Satan delivered the first 'fake news' to Eve, the first woman, in the Garden of Eden. We live the consequences of his action. Who is your father? They replaced the truth with a lie and substitute reality with a falsehood. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature;. The bracket words highlight two things. First, that whom is being spoken against knew the truth but refused to act in accordance with the truths they clearly knew.

The Sword of Truth by Brian D. Anderson

Second, that as a result, God yielded them into depraved insane thinking and conduct. The word 'fake' gets thrown around quite a lot today. It is not unusual that the news is fake They denied the reality of the existence of God himself and, for themselves, replaced him with false reality gods. In the following passage, Paul reaffirms his understanding of the mass depravity the wicked. These verses clearly indicate that those who do not love the truth which it is understood to live in agreement with it , are purposefully given into that delusional mental state by God as punishment.

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So is clear that we are designed to adhere to the truth in order to keep our mental faculties in order. It is also clear that Jehovah God wants us to avoid the world s of illusion. So it makes sense that refusing to deny reality is the only way we can insure we are obedient to the One who is real. What modern Rulership has fulfilled this prophecy? So they came in and stood before the king. Therefore tell me the dream, and I shall know that you can show me its interpretation.

Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven. Your dream, and the visions of your head on your bed, are these:. This image, which was mighty, and whose brightness was extraordinary, stood before you; and its appearance was awesome. New Heart English Bible. We live in the age of the crumbling "feet and toes". And we must keep in mind that this image portrays the succession of world rulership. Which rulership fits the description that was given to Daniel by the angel today?

The suggestion that 'faith' and 'reason' are incompatible is a based on a false dichotomy. Neither faith nor reason need be mutually exclusive of one another. The force of gravity is an example. You cannot see nor hold it, but deductive reasoning gives you confidence that it exist. Herbert, January 31, Faith, Hope and Wishful Thinking All definitions of faith involve the idea that it is a response to something intangible or unseen.

Although many secular people reject this concept outright, as though being certain of what we cannot prove is intellectual weakness of some sort, a kind of glorified hope or just wishful thinking, the truth is that we all live by faith in our everyday lives.

We plan things for future dates not knowing that we will be there at that time. We arrange to meet a friend somewhere for coffee, and we go to meet the person although we may not have any firm physical proof he or she will show up.